Hi. My name is Lior Yair.

My passion is creating beautiful, usable products.

During my eleven years in the UX industry, I have researched and interviewed users across multiple continents, sketched through hundreds of notebooks, covered rooms in post-it notes, and created interactive prototypes and wireframes on a daily basis.
I am driven by the finished product, but my real pleasure is the journey leading to it

A little about me.

  • Extensive experience in usability testing.
    Extensive experience in usability testing.
    I frequently conduct usability tests on the products I work on. I have experience operating unique eye-tracking technologies as well as performing other usability tests.
  • Data mining and analytics
    Data mining and analytics
    As part of my constant efforts to better understand user behavior, I regularly use analytics and mining tools (Google Analytics, A/B testing platforms).
  • Apparently, I'm a cat person.
    Apparently, I'm a cat person.
    I have two beautiful cats - one messy cat named Peter and another blind cat named Suki. They are my pets, but it usually feels as though we are roommates sharing the same apartment.
  • I teach at Delaware University
    I teach at Delaware University
    As part of a program to advance start-up companies, I mentor and teach university alumni a variety of User Experience and Product Design workshops.
  • Local Leader at IxDA
    Local Leader at IxDA
    The Interaction Design Association is a non-profit professional association that addresses the challenges that interaction designers encounter in their professional lives.
  • Founder of UxOnBeer
    Founder of UxOnBeer
    The best way to learn and share professional knowledge is in a relaxed setting over a cool beer. This is the reason I created UxOnBeer, a social gathering comprised of a series of 10-minute lectures on a variety of industry-related topics, located at the trendiest bars in Tel Aviv.
  • I Love Comics.
    I Love Comics.
    Besides my comic book obsession, I also read every sci-fi book I can find. Perhaps I am a geek but I hear that's cool now?
  • Founder of DigitalPlay
    Founder of DigitalPlay
    Digital Play is the largest Digital Design Conference in Israel. Its purpose is to educate and enhance the knowledge and skills of the national design community by sharing experiences from successful projects.
  • Settlers player
    Settlers player
    Every two weeks, I get together with good friends at home to play some Settlers. I am always White and I usually win.
  • Founder of The Israeli UX School
    Founder of The Israeli UX School
    Out of my love for the profession and my desire to raise UX awareness in Israel, I have established NetcraftAcademy, a User Experience School in Israel.